Why Buy from a Rec Dispensary in Phoenix ?
Despite the medical and recreational legalization of marijuana in Arizona, there are a lot of people that are skeptical about buying weed at a dispensary near them. Some people question why they should go into a legitimate cannabis dispensary near them and purchase cannabis when their buddy down the street has some available too. The answer should be clear – but it is far more debated than one may think. If you find yourself debating this topic, here is 5 reasons why purchasing your cannabis from a dispensary is a better idea:

  • Store Hours
    If you have ever purchased cannabis illegally, then you know the struggle of waiting on your connection. A connection does not have a boss, nor do they clock in and out. They are regular people with lives and jobs and may not be able to get you your product for hours – sometimes days. With a dispensary, they are readily available to you within their daily store hours, no surprises, no delays. You can obtain your cannabis on your time, not somebody else’s.
  • Selection
    The average street plug may have 1-2 strain(s) available, and they could have that same option for weeks. This can get old, and it certainly isn’t exciting. When you walk into a dispensary there can be upwards of 50+ strain options. Dispensaries are jokingly called the adult candy store, and for good reason. Who doesn’t want to be flourished with a good selection?
  • Product Information
    Along with your connection having a very low selection, it is not even a trustworthy selection. They may tell you a strain name, or a THC percentage, but there is no real way of knowing. Dispensaries get test results with every product they carry. These official results are confirmed in professional labs, so you know that the product you buy, is exactly what it says on the packaging.
  • Customer Service
    Cannabis is excellent, but occasionally, there can be something disappointing about the herb that you buy. With a street dealer, you are simply out of luck – it is not recommended to complain to them about quality! With the legitimacy of a dispensary, poor quality product can be treated like buying a defective item from Walmart. Simply put, choosing street cannabis is choosing no customer service.
  • Danger
    In case you didn’t have enough reasons already, the biggest reason is the actual risks associated with street cannabis. Since it’s illegally being purchased, you could be caught and arrested still, or you could get cannabis that is laced with other drugs. Also, your drug dealer may be a nice person, but the person they work for may not be. We have all seen drug deals gone wrong in the movies. Who would want to be part of that?!

Overall, it is time to get with the times! Street cannabis is lower quality and comes with too many risks and cons to ever choose to obtain your cannabis that way. Purchasing cannabis legally from a dispensary is the future – and it is the smarter option. Stop in your local HFL dispensary today! 

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